Grayling Land

Kilpisjärvi, 99490 FINLAND.

Aki Huhtanen
+358 45 2665222

Emilia Laitinen
+358 41 4345187

Mikäli ette saa puhelimelle meihin yhteyttä niin olemme silloin kuuluvuusalueen ulkopuolella tunturissa, joten ole hyvä ja laita sähköpostia.

If our phones are out of order, we are at mountains without phone coverage.

Grayling Land - Winter (November-May)

Winter is the longest of the Lappish seasons and lasts approximately 6 month. In Kilpisjärvi on the 25 of November, starts the Polar Night when the sun does not rise above the horizon. It is the blue moment of the year and an experience in itself. Even though the sun does not appear, there are approximately 5 hours of daylight during the day and the glow from the moon, the snow and the Northern Lights give storylike surroundings for the winter activities. The next time we see the warming rays of the sun is on the 17 of January.

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Northern Lights over the Saana mountain. Pic: Aki Huhtanen