Grayling Land fishing destinations in Northern Scandinavia

Grayling Land organizes tailor made fishing trips to all example destinations and many other rivers and lakes in Northern Scandinavia.


If there is time only a day or two, and want to get handsome fell waters fishing big graylings and pikes, then we recommend fishing expedition by off-road jeep. If you want to experience speed, rapids, crystal clear fell river and grayling as well as trout stroke on a fishing line so the choice is Könkämäeno, one or two day rubberboat fly fishing trip. Record of graylings and whitefish we sought recommend The Magic River or Forgotten lake! Perhaps you want to fish grayling, trout and Arctic char? , ... then a great option is the Norwegian Finnmark Jiesjärvi and Jiesjoki! Major-arctic char fishermen a great destination is the new Extreme arctic char hotspot in Norway. Those who are granted Salmon fever, we recommend Muonio River or Lätäseno River with salmon guide!

Below you will find items detailed introductions, photo albums, videos and trip reports.

Contact us with your ideas and wishes so that we can arrange your individual programme given your lenght of stay and requirements. Fishing videos!. Flies we prefer!


Fell lake Vuontisjärvi and small streams! Enontekiö - Finland (Grayling/pike)

Flyfishing camp, expedition by off-road jeep, ...








One of Finland's best large grayling and pike lake. The lake and small streams aroud the area can offer enjoyable fishing experiences in the midst of Enontekiö's wilderness, far away from the hustle and bustle of every day´s life!

See youtube video: Off-road jeep transportation in the Mountain lake!

  • Fish in the waters: Grayling, pike, perch, whitefish
  • Fishing: We fish by boat and by shore (waders)
  • See pictures: Mountain lake Vuontisjärvi and Kalkkoaivi area!
  • Accommodation on the lake: Wilderness cabin, Lavvu or tent
  • Accessible: By Off-road jeep. 2hours

Our fish records in the area:

  • Grayling record is 1.6 kilograms (average weight 500-800grammes).
  • Pike record is 13.0 kilograms (average weight 3-4kilograms).

River Könkämäeno, Enontekiö – Finland (Grayling/trout)

River Könkämäeno, rubberboat fly fishing trip!









The River Könkämäeno is one of Finland`s best large grayling and trout river. It is fed by the Lake Kilpisjärvi and many smaller tributary rivers on its way down south from the fells of North-West Lapland. From the altitude of 473 metres it flows 90km through the rugged highlands down to 142metres. Where the River Lätäseno meets with the River Könkämäeno above the village of Kaaresuvanno, the river becomes the great River Muonio.

The largest grayling taken on a fly in Finland in the 2000's weighed 2.280 kg (5.03 lbs). It was caught on the Könkämäeno River in 2001. I believe even bigger grayling are still present there!

  • Fish in the waters: Grayling, trout, pike, whitefish (salmon is also available)
  • Fishing: We fish by boat and by shore (waders)
  • See pictures: Könkämäeno!
  • Read more about the River Könkämäeno!
  • Accommodation on the river: Hotels, cabins or tent
  • Accessible: By car

Our fish records in the area:

  • Grayling record is 1.5 kilograms (average weight 500-700 grammes).
  • Brown trout record is 4,6 kilograms (average weight 600-1200 grammes).
  • Pike record is 9.0 kilograms (average weight 3-4 kilograms).

      River Muonionjoki, Muonio – Finland (Salmon)

      Salmon rise up the Tornio- Muonio River system, the border river between Finland and Sweden. The Muonio River also offers the possiblity to catch large grayling. Our salmon fishing locations are at Reponiemi 15km south from Muonio village (exellent for rowing) and Sonkamuotka 35km north from Muonio village (exellent for salmon rowing / exellent for salmon fly fishing if the water level is right).

      Notice! River Muonionjoki

      Salmon and trout fishing season: 1.6-31.8. (best time for salmon fishing in river Muonionjoki: 25.6-31.8). Other species (grayling, pike, perch) are allowed: 1.6-15.9

      Salmon Fishing is not allowed from Sunday 7 pm to Monday 7 pm. At this time salmon are allowed to swim upstream in peace.

      • Fish in the waters: Salmon, grayling, pike, perch
      • Fishing (Grayling, pike): We fish by boat and by shore (waders)
      • See pictures: Muonio River!
      • Salmon fishing: Rowing. Fly fishing if the water level is right.
      • Accommodation on the river: Hotels, cabins or tent
      • Accessible: By car

      Our fish records in the Muonio River:

      • Salmon record is 17.0 kilograms (average weight 7-10 kilograms).
      • Grayling record is 1.3 kilograms (average weight 300-600 grammes).
      • Brown trout record is 3,5 kilograms (average weight 900-1400 grammes).
      • Pike record is 10.0 kilograms (average weight 2-3 kilograms).

        Magic River, Finland! (Grayling)








        Probably the best large grayling fly fishing river in the world!

        The source of the Magic river is located in the high fell range. The elevation of the primary headwater lake of the river is more than 600 meters above sea level. The river runs far away from any settlement, so it is a genuine wilderness river. Distance to the nearest road is about 35 km. This is the main reason why there has not been over-fishing in the river, and, consequently, the grayling have been able to attain trophy size. We have been naming the rapids of the river as 2100, 2000, 1850, 1800, 1780 etc., not by the length of the rapids, but by the weight (in grammes) of the largest grayling we have caught there.

        • Fish in waters: Grayling, trout, pike and whitefish
        • Fishing: We fish by shore (waders).
        • Accommodation on the river: Tent, Lavvu or 4-5 person cabin
        • Accessible: By helicopter 25min, air plane 30min, walking (nearest road 35km)

        Our fish records in Magic River:

        • Grayling records is 2.1 kilograms, 2.0 kilograms, 1.93 kilograms etc, .... (average weight is huge 1200-1700grammes!!).
        • Brown trout record is 3.1 kilograms (avarage weight is 800-1400 grammes).
        • Pike record is 9.8 kilograms (avarage weight is 4-5 kilograms).
        • White fish record is 3.6 kilograms (avarage weight is 1.5 kilograms).

        Forgotten Lake and small streams, Finland (Grayling/pike)











        This lake and small streams inhabits only large grayling and pike, ... One day a fisherman caught over 50 (500 - 1200grams) graylings in one day. All graylings were C&R! The largest grayling we have caught there is 2120grams. The average grayling weight is 800-1300grams.

        • Fish in waters: Large grayling and pike
        • Fishing: By boat/canoe and by shore (waders)
        • Accommodation on the lake: Small cabin, Lavvu or tent
        • Accessible: By helicopter 20min, air plan 25min, ATV 2 hours, walking (nearest road 30km)

        Our fish records in Forgotten lake

        • Grayling records is HUGE 2.12 kilograms, 1.87 kilograms, 1.78 kilograms etc, .... (average weight is huge 800-1300grammes!!).
        • Pike record is 8.8 kilograms (avarage weight is 4 kilograms).

        Trout lake - Sweden (Trout/grayling/arctic char)









        Trout lake is located in Sweden, approx 150 km from the village of Karesuvanto. Fishing is possible only from the shore/with waders. Usage of boats is forbidden. Fishing is easy with waders because the water is very clear and the shores are shallow. The lake is especially good for fly-fishing! Large grayling, trout and char are living in the lake. The largest grayling ever caught is 1920grams. The average grayling weight is 600-900grams.

        • Fish in the waters: Arctic char, trout, grayling and perch
        • Fishing: By shore (waders)
        • Accommodation on the area: Cabin, lavvu or tent
        • Accessible: By car

        Our fish records in the area:

        • Grayling record is 1,4 kilograms (average weight 600-900grammes).
        • Brown trout record is 4,1 kilograms (average weight 1.5 kilograms)


              New arctic char destination in Norway!(Arctic char)

              Extreme char fly fishing!



              Best of the best char waters in Finnmark!

              Available for fishermans 25.6.2012-1.9.2012. BEST TIME for fly fishing 25.6-25.7.

              Here we have 2lakes and 1river full of arctic chars!

              REAL WILDERNESS waters. Distance to the nearest road is about 50 km. This is the main reason why there has not been over-fishing in the lakes and river, and, consequently, the arctic char have been able to attain trophy size.

              This area inhabits only large arctic char, ... Normal day a fisherman can be caught 10-20 (500 - 1500grams) arctic chars in one day. The largest arctic char we have caught there is 3500grams. The average arctic char weight is AMAZING 1000 GRAMS. 

              We reach the area by ATV(Four Wheelers) and hotspots by canoes/boat. To some of the places we have to walk a distance of 0.5km-3.0km. Accommodation will be in a warm Lavvu.

              Lavvu is a temporary dwelling used by the Sami people of northern Scandinavia. It has a design similar to a Native American tipi but is less vertical and more stable in high winds. It enables the indigenous cultures of the treeless plains of northern Scandinavia and the high arctic of Eurasia to follow their reindeer herds. It is still used as a temporary shelter by the Sami, and increasingly by other people for camping.   The king of all lavvu’s, finnmark has been developed for use by the most demanding outdoorsmen in the most demanding environments. 

              More about Finnmark Lavvu:   Lavvu gives us a great opportunity to camp by the best flyfishing waters. Heater, sleeping bags, pads and outdoor cooking equipment included.

              The nearest hotspot are only 50m from the camp! FISHING: Flyfishing, In shore(waders) and off shore!

              • Fish in the waters: This lake/area inhabits only large char.
              • Fishing: By small boat/canoe and by shore (waders).
              • Accommodation on the area: Lavvu, tent
              • Accessible: ATV, walking (nearest road 50km)
              Our fish records in the area:
              • Char record is 3,5 kilograms -average weight is AMAZING 1000grammes!


              -We recommend you to have an extra day between your program and your return flight, in order to cover any eventualities (e.g. bad weather), that may delay our departure from the fell-region (Example destinations: River Iesjok and lake Iesjavri - Finnmark or Magic river Finland).

              -Depending on weather and for the safety and comfort matter of the others we reserve the right to change the plan and the duration of the activities and fishing trips if necessary

              -If our guest are noticed to be a potential harm or even danger to him/herself, animals or to others, or is in poor health we also reserve the right to discontinue the trip


              -Grayling Land is not responsible for extreme weather conditions, lost luggage, lost or damaged fishing tackle or illnesses of participants. Baggage and personal effects are the sole responsibility of the traveling client at all times. Grayling Land will not be responsible for, and will not issue refunds or credits for the following: early departure by customer's choice; fishing cancelled as a result of inclement weather.


              -Grayling Land is not responsible for the insurances of participants. Everyone should take his/her own travel insurance well before trip starts. Travel insurance should cover all possible medical treatments, medicines and lost, delayed or damaged luggage and fishing equipment. Travel insurance should cover customers costs in case of cancellation.


              -If you are a vegetarian, have a special diet or a serious disease; please inform us well in advance - preferably when you reserve the tour!

              -Mobile phone coverage may not be available