Wilderness ice fishing camp!

The Camp! Weather in the tundra is very unpredictable and can change rapidly.

Fishing inside

Ice fishing cabin inside

Guide will transport you to the ice fishing camp by snowmobile sleigh and shows best fishing spots and how everything works. Snowmobile transfer takes around two or three hours, depending on the weather. You will spend an unforgettable three days in the middle of arctic wilderness. Guide will be picked you up in last day afternoon.

Information about the lake: The lake is located in the high fell range. The elevation is around 800 meters above sea level. The lake location is far away from any settlement, so it is a genuine wilderness lake. Distance to the nearest road is about 40 km! This lake inhabits only Arctic Char!

Here we have one ice fishing hut for two persons, one ice fishing hut for three persons and sauna on the lake ice. Huts and sauna are also equipped with inside fishing holes. So, if the weather is bad outside you can just relax indoors and enjoy the warmth of the heater - but still do ice fishing!

  • Start: Kilpisjärvi - On request for 1-5 persons
  • Duration: 3 days / 2 night.
  • Cost: 900€ / 1-2 persons. 1100€ / 3-4 persons.
  • Includes: Snowmobile sleigh transfers from/to Kilpisjärvi, accommodation in a ice fishing cabin on the lake ice, sauna, cooking equipment and guide shows the best fishing spots.
  • On extra charge: Extra days, winter sleeping bags, ice fishing equipment and ice drill.

If you would like three days guided trip, please, contact us!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Mobile phone signals are very weak in the wilderness area. Mobile phone coverage may not be available! Weather in the tundra is very unpredictable and can change rapidly. This may influence the snowmobile transportation schedules. It is best to be prepared with sufficient time, extra food and weatherproof clothing

It`s time to hot sauna!

Beautiful weather and colorful arctic chars!

YouTube video, Camp lake. Over 100 arctic chars from one ice hole!

This may be happen if you're lucky!