Grayling Flies by Grayling LandŽ

Now you can order Graylingland grayling flies!

Do you plan a fishing trip? You don´t find the time to tie your own flies? Still you don´t want to order cheap flies from China? Which flies work in Finnish, Swedish or Norwegian Lapland?

A lot of questions...

We tie high-quality flies made for catching big grayling. We put time and effort in choosing only the best materials and hooks matching each fly pattern. Part of the flies also work great for whitefish, brown trout, arctic char and salmon.

These flies have been tested and proved themselves absolutely reliable everywhere in Northern-Finland, -Sweden and -Norway!

If you don`t know which flies to choose it is enough if you tell the spot you want to fish and we send you the best flies matching your fishing destination.

Grayling Flies:

1. Kaijakka, 4€. hook # 8-12.

The Kaijakka dry fly is a very simple, but though I dare to say, the best dry fly ever for big grayling. At least in the North-Western parts of Finnish Lapland, when big caddis flies hatch in large numbers.  This fly worked very well also in Finnmark/Norway. It has been developed by Ari Savikko from Inari.

2. Special Rackelhane, 4€. hook # 8-12.

Special Rackelhane works very well for big grayling and whitefish! Many grayling of over 1.5 kg have been caught with this fly. The biggest whitefish caught with this fly was 2150g.

Can be tied also by CDC wing - It`s also very good version!

3. European 12 (Graylingland adaption), 4€. hook # 8-12.

I think I don´t much need to present the European 12! This fly is probably one of the best flies world wide for grayling. On 8 September in Enontekiö Aki Huhtanen got a huge grayling of 2120grams in the forgotten lake!

4. Grayling emergent, 4.50€. hook #8-12.

The Grayling Emergent works very well if grayling feed carefully. In certain situations it works also very well for arctic char, whitefish as brown trout as well!

5. The Lemming (Graylingland adaption), 5€. hook # 6.

The Lemming - foam fly! A killer fly when we fish in for big grayling in lakes and slow floating rivers. It is a lot of fun to fish this fly, stripping it on the surface. It floats all summer long without floatant... ;) This fly also works for trout and salmon, and can be tied in variation of colours. The biggest graylings caught on this fly were 59cm, 58cm and 55,5cm.

6. Graylingland nymph, 4€. hook #10-12.

This very simple brown nymph works very well for big grayling and whitefish! E.g. last summer in Finnish Lapland this fly brought 3 over 2 kg heavy whitefish and 4 over 1.5 kg heavy graylings! 

Best of the best nymph for large grayling in Lapland!

7. Grey nymph, 4€. Hook #10-12.

Really good nymph for grayling. If i can choose only one nymph for river fishing, i will take this!

8. Graylingland leech, 4.50€. hook # 4-8.

The Grayling Land leech was born in year 2009. The idea for this fly came from a conversation with my frien Ari Savikko as we talked about the succes of the Kajakka fly regarding its colour. Could the colour work on a leech as well? I immediately tied one fly and finaly tested it at the river. It WORKED! :) There are already 12 over 1.5 kg grayling on it`s account! Works very well in high water and for arctic char.

9. Violet leech, 4.50€. hook # 4-8.

This fly braught grayling in autumn when the weather is cold and stormy! It especialy works well in lakes and slow floating rivers! This fly imitates the colours of a graylings´ fin! The grayling react absolutely agresive on this fly! Works also well for brown trout!

10. Red leech, 4.50€. hook # 6-10.

I mostly use this fly in the lakes when the grayling don`t feed from the surface. Works 100 %! With this fly we got non countable numbers of grylings over 50 cm! This fly is one of the best fly for arctic char!

11. Black leech, 5€. hook # 4-6.

Definitely one of the best flies for our brown trout! Works also very well for large grayling. Ari Savikko got a huge grayling of 2100grams on this fly in the Magic River! Read more on our blog!

12. NEW - Mrs Simpson. 5€. Hook #6-8.

This is really good flie for our large graylings. It imitate large running sedge or small minnow fish. Anyway it work well and grayling hit this fly like a crazy! We are also caught large numbers of wild brown trouts with this fly!

15. NEW - Rubber legs (brown, olive or red), 4€. Hook #8-6.

"Giant Grayling love rubber legs"

New flie for grayling. This flie works 100% for large graylings. Even if they don`t eat they will eat this!

The min. order is 10 pc.

1. You can either ring (+358 045 266 5222) or send an e-mail  including the desired patterns, numbers hook sizes.

2. We will send you an invoice.

3. After you have paid the invoice and it is booked on our account we work the order. The delivery time depends on the stock, the order size and on a possible contract. The flies are usually tied after the order has been made.

4. The flies will be shipped for free within Finland. Shipping fee is 5€ to other countries in Europe.

Order in Time! We just tie in winter time. After march there are leftovers of single patterns available depending on the stock.

There is a return policy on all non used items within 14 days. In case of a product return take a contact to us by phone or e-mail.

On extra charge 5€ flies will be shipped in a fly box so they stay undamaged!

Take a look at video - this might happen if you use Graylingland flies ;)