Grayling Land

Kilpisjärvi, 99490 FINLAND.

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Ice Fishing Trip To Raittijärvi Sami Village!

On the way to the Raittijärvi

Raittijärvi village and Sami kids :)

Raittijärvi is a unique village by any standard. It is situated about 40 kilometres from Kilpisjärvi in the middle of real wilderness. There is no road leading to the village. In summer it can be reached by plane only. In winter snowmobiles offer the easiest means of transportation. Raittijärvi is inhabited by Sami reindeer herders throughout the year.


Start your snowmobile. We will drive in treeless fell landscape, over the frozen rivers and lakes. You can drive with own snowmobile or enjoy the comfortable ride while sitting on warm reindeer skins in the snowmobile sledge.  

After 1.5-2 hour we will arrive at Raittijärvi. Ice fishing begins. During the fishing trip our experienced fishing guides will share their knowledge of the best fishing places where fish are waiting to be caught. Ofcourse fishing is the main goal for the adventure but we don't forget to enjoy nice arctic views and wild nature with cup of coffee every now and then. Meals will be served in the cabin.

After sauna and dinner we spend a nice relaxing evening and the guide will tell about the reindeer herding. Overnight stay in a wilderness cabin!

During this trip you also see how the real reindeer herdsmen live in the tundra! We will have the possibility to see tens to hundreds of reindeer in their natural environment. During this excursion we have a unique chance to follow a local Sami reindeer herder to the fells where his flock of reindeer runs free!

Ice fishing for Grayling!

Here you have excellent chances to see the NORTHERN LIGHTS!

Start: Kilpisjärvi - On request for 1-10 persons

Duration: 2 days

Group: Min, 4

Cost: Contact us!

Price includes: Snowmobile transfers from/to Kilpisjärvi, petrol, ice fishing equipment, helmet, cabin, sauna, meals, coffee/hot drinks and guide services.

Fish: Large arctic char,  grayling, trout, whitefish, burbot, and pike.

Additional services on extra charge: Extra fishing days in Raittijärvi: Contact us!