Winter Activities in Kilpisjärvi

In the winter time Graylingland offers a lot of winter activities.

What do you think about three Country snowmobile trip combined with ice fishing? Searching for Northern Lights by snowmobile sleigh? In the early season in Sep - Nov we can do 4 WD Wilderness Northern Lights Trips!

You can choose a packet below that you prefer the most or contact us with your ideas and wishes so that we can arrange your individual programme given your length of stay and requirements!

Please wear hiking or winter boots. Bring a day-pack for water, camera and other personal things.

If you need, you can hire safari clothing (winter overalls, boots, socks, hat, cloves) at a supplement of 15€ / person.

We will take you to magnificent mountain landscape, over the frozen lakes. You will enjoy the comfortable ride while sitting on warm reindeer skins in the snowmobile sleigh. After 30 minute snowmobile ride we will arrive to the point of three Nordic countries. There we have unique chance to photograph Northern Lights and walk in all three countries, Finland, Sweden and Norway. After having hot drinks we will take you back to Kilpisjärvi village.

You can choose a day trip with Arctic Views or a night trip with Northern Lights.

In a day trip, we can combine Ice-fishing to the trip - there are some good spots to catch a big fish!

  • Duration: 2-3 hours
  • Cost: 70€ / person
  • Cost with ice-fishing: 120€ / person (total 4-5 hours).
  • Includes: Guide, snowmobile transfers, icefishing equipments and hot drinks.
  • This trip requires a minimum of 4 participants.

Ice fishing trip!

In this trip you will enjoy the comfortable ride while sitting on warm reindeer skins in the snowmobile sleigh. After 10-30 minute snowmobile ride we will arrive at the lake. Ice fishing begins.

During the fishing trip our experienced fishing guide will share his knowledge of the best fishing places where fish are waiting to be caught. Of course fishing is the main goal for the adventure but we don't forget to enjoy nice arctic views and wild nature with cup of hot drinks every now and then. Sausages will be served by an open fire outdoors.

During the day the guide can prepare fish by the campfire, but first you have to catch the fish :-)

Fish species: Arctic char, Grayling, Whitefish and Pike. Depending on your wishes, we have many lakes and rivers where we can go.

Remember to bring your camera and very big smile :-)

  • Duration: Half day or full day.
  • Cost 4 hours: 100€ / person.
  • Cost 8-10 hours: 200€ / person.
  • Includes: Guide, snowmobile transfers, all ice fishing equipments and coffee/tea. Full day trip incl. sausages/sandwich on campfire.
  • This trip requires a minimum of 4 participants. If we have less than 4 participants, the trip may be cancelled.
Note: Rate includes ice-fishing trips to all lakes/rivers around 5-20 km from Kilpisjärvi village. If you like to go far-away into arctic tundra, example lake Pitsusjärvi nearby Halti Mountain, then the full day ice-fishing trip costs 190€ / person.

Guided snowshoe hike!

We have many kind of routes, from birch forest to treeless landscapes!

Enjoy the Lapland wilderness on a guided snowshoe hike. Come explore the top of The Lapland, Kilpisjärvi by snowshoes. Trip is around 2 km long, takes around 1-2 hours, and moderate in level. Your guide will point out and discuss the flora and fauna of North Lapland. You may even see a willow grouse, fox, reindeer or eagle!

You can choose day trip or night trip with chance of the Northern Lights!

  • Duration: 1-2 hours. Depending on your condition.
  • Cost: 120€ / 1-2 persons.
  • Includes: Guide, snowshoes and hot drinks.
  • Available: On request.
If you like longer trip, maybe with campfire dinner? Just let us know your wishes and we will tailor it for you!

Searching for Northern Lights by snowmobile sleigh!

Experience our Northern Lights trip to maximise your chances to see this great natural arctic phenomenom. Our destination is the best possible place - Top on to the mountains where the sky is often clear and view to the northern sky is perfect.

During this trip you will reach the summit of the mountain easily on a snowmobile sleigh. The snowmobile is driven by a professional guide so you may just sit and enjoy!

We also make a fire in the hut and enjoy warm drinks while watching the sky. The appearance of the lights is not guaranteed but the chances are the best possible.

  • Cost: 1 hour: 40€ / person
  • Cost: 3 hours: 70€ / person
  • Includes: Guide, snowmobile transfers and coffee/tea.
  • Note: 1 hour trip doesn't incl. snacks.
  • This trip requires a minimum of 4 participants.

4 WD Northern Lights Hunting!

Adventure begins at Kilpisjärvi village

September 2019 at Tundra / On the way to the top of the highest fells!

Our 4 WD Wilderness Northern Lights Tour is designed for autumn/early winter, between September - early December when we dont have enough snow for driving by snowmobiles.

For this tour we use a 4 x 4 Jeep. This tour is perfect for 2 to 4 people (plus 1 or 2 kids) maximum. A perfect choice for honeymooners, photographers or families.

During this trip you will reach the summit of the mountain easily on a 4 WD Jeep. Driving on top of a treeless fells can only be done in the right vehicle and our Land Cruiser is more than equipped for this adventure.

The off-road adventure is approximately 6-8 hours in duration and includes a campfire sausages, snacks and coffee/tea. Vegetarian options upon request at time of booking. Pick up and return from your accommodation. Usually we start at 4-6 pm. and be back at Kilpisjärvi after midnight, depending on the Aurora forecast.

During our Wilderness Northern Lights tour our guide will share stories of life in Lapland and also background of the area and the Northern Lights.

  • Duration: 6-8 hours.
  • Cost: 600€ / Jeep / group.
  • Includes: Guide, 4 WD transfers around fell area, personal aurora expert, photos of you and the Northern Lights,
  • snacks, sausages and coffee/tea.
  • Available: Private! On request.

Raittijärvi Sami village!

Photographing reindeers on the way to Raittijärvi

Raittijärvi village - Local kids having a fun with mini skidoo!

Raittijärvi is a unique village by any standard. It is situated about 40 kilometres from Kilpisjärvi in the middle of real wilderness. There is no road leading to the village. In summer it can be reached by plane only. In winter snowmobiles offer the easiest means of transportation. Raittijärvi is inhabited by Sami reindeer herders throughout the year.

Program: Let`s start snowmobile! We will drive in treeless fell landscape, over the frozen rivers and lakes. You will enjoy the comfortable ride while sitting on warm reindeer skins in the snowmobile sleigh.

After 1.5-2 hours we will arrive to Raittijärvi village. Here we can do Ice fishing, snowshoeing or just enjoy beautiful arctic views and photograph reindeers. Meals will be served in the cabin.

During this trip you will see how the real Sami reindeer families will survive in the arctic tundra! And we will have the possibility to see tens to hundreds of reindeers in their natural environment. During this excursion we have a unique chance to follow a local Sami reindeer herder to the fells where his flock of reindeers run free!

  • Duration: 6-8 hours.
  • Cost: 600€ / group 2-5 persons.
  • Includes: Snowmobile sleigh transfers from/to Kilpisjärvi, ice fishing equipment, snowshoes, meal, coffee/hot drinks and guide services.
  • Available: For 1-8 persons. On request!