Grayling Land

Kilpisjärvi, 99490 FINLAND.

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Mikäli ette saa puhelimelle meihin yhteyttä niin olemme silloin kuuluvuusalueen ulkopuolella tunturissa, joten ole hyvä ja laita sähköpostia.

If our phones are out of order, we are at mountains without phone coverage.

Winter Activities in Kilpisjärvi

In the winter time Grayling Land offers a lot of winter activities. What do you think about three country northern lights snowmobile trip in 2 hours? Ice fishing for wild arctic char? staying overnight in Northern Lights hut in the middle of arctic wilderness? Or enjoy a dinner a "million stars" restaurant under the northern lights? 

Our guided trips includes: Jeep shuttle from the hotel or cabin. Please wear hiking or winter boots. Bring a day-pack for water, camera and other personal thinks. 

NOTE: If you dont have camera/lens for Northern Lights photographing, don`t worry our guide can take Northern Lights pictures for you - "Just you and colorful north sky" :)

If you need, you can hire safari clothing (winter overalls, boots, socks, hat, cloves) at a supplement of 10€ / person. 
Three country snowmobile trip!

ARCTIC sky under the three country border!

We will take you to magnificent mountain landscape, over the frozen lakes. You will enjoy the comfortable ride while sitting on warm reindeer skins in the snowmobile sledge. After 30 minute snowmobile ride we will get point of the three country. There we have unique chance to photographing Northern Lights and walking in all three countries Finland, Sweden and Norway. After having hot drinks we will take you back to Kilpisjärvi village. 

You can choose a day trip with arctic views or a night trip with chance of northern lights.

You can also have a hot meal by the campfire - on extra charge.
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Cost: 40€ / person, minimum 4 persons
  • Including: Guide, snowmobile transfers and hot drinks.
  • On extra charge: Hot meal by the campfire. (25€/person)
  • Available: On request for min. 4 persons
Overnight in Northern Lights hut on the lake ice!

Mobile huts on the way, .... Spending the night "outdoors" like this in the winter time is an Arctic experience in Itself.

Overnight in Arctic Wilderness at Lake Pitsusjärvi near by Halti mountain!

The Northern Lights huts is our  the most exciting accommodation for our guests, max. four guests. We have two huts and sauna on the lake ice: without electricity and running water, but huts are heated and with one important detail: These northern lights huts are located far-away from any light pollution (street lights, etc, .... ). So, here you have best chance to see clear Northern Lights! 

Huts and sauna are also equipped with inside fishing holes. So, if the weather is bad outside you can just relax indoors and enjoy the warmth of the heater - but still do ice fishing! 
  • Duration: 2 days/1 overnight
  • Cost: 400€ / person, minimum 2 persons
  • Including: Guide whole trip, snowmobile transfers from/to Kilpisjärvi village, meals(lunch, dinner, breakfast, snacks), hot drinks, hut and winter sleeping bags
  • Available in Kilpisjärvi: On request for min. 2 persons
  • Extra nights, contact us!
Information about the lake: The lake is located in the high fell range. The elevation is around 800 meters above sea level. The lake location is far away from any settlement, so it is a genuine wilderness lake. Distance to the nearest road is about 45 km! This lake inhabits only Arctic Char! 

Weather in the fell region is very unpredictable and can change rapidly. This may influence the snowmobile transportation schedules. 
This means that in the worst case scenario we might have to stay in the mountains for an extra night. Regarding that we will always have emergency nutrition and all necessary emergency equipment with us.
Ice Fishing Trip

In this trip we will drive in treeless mountain landscape, over the frozen rivers and lakes. You will enjoy the comfortable ride while sitting on warm reindeer skins in the snowmobile sledge.  

After 20 minute we will arrive at lake. Ice fishing begins. During the fishing trip our experienced fishing guide will share his/her knowledge of the best fishing places where fish are waiting to be caught. Of course fishing is the main goal for the adventure but we don't forget to enjoy nice arctic views and wild nature with cup of hot drinks every now and then. Sausages will be served by an open fire outdoors. During the day the guide can prepare fish by the campfire, but first you have to catch a fish :-)

Fish species: Arctic char, Grayling and Pike.

  • Duration: Depending on your wishes and weather.
  • Cost 3-4 hours: 50€ / person. 
  • Cost, full day: 100€ / person.
  • Including: Guide, snowmobile transfers, ice fishing equipment, sausages by campfire and coffee/tea.
  • On extra charge: Hot meal (example reindeer soup) 20€/person.
  • Available: On request for min. 4 persons
Remember bring your camera and very big smile :-)

NOTE:  If you like to do full day or longer ice-fishing trip far-away into arctic tundra, please don`t hesitate to ask more information!

Guided Snowshoe Hikes

We have many kind of routes, from birch forest to treeles landcapes! There is also small frozen waterfall which we can reach by snowshoes.

Guided Snowshoe Hikes

Enjoy the Lapland wilderness on a guided snowshoe hike. Come explore the top of The Lapland, Kilpisjärvi by snowshoes. Trip is around 2 km long, takes around two hours, and moderate in level. Your guide will point out and discuss the flora and fauna of North Lapland. You may even see a willow grouse, fox, reindeer or eagle!

You can choose day trip or night trip with chance of the Northern Lights!
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Cost: 40€ / person, minumum 4 persons
  • Including: Guide, snowshoes and hot juice
  • Available: On request for min. 4 persons
If you like longer trip, maybe with campfire dinner? Just let us know your wishes and we will tailor it for you!
Searching for Northern Lights by snowmobile sleigh (Northern Lights Dinner)

You can enjoy a dinner under The Northern Lights!

Experience our Northern Lights trip to maximise your chances to see this great natural arctic phenomenon. Our destination is the best possible place - Top on to the mountains where the sky is often clear and view to north perfect. 

During this trip you will reach the summit of the mountain easily on a snowmobile sleigh.  The snowmobile is driven by a professional guide so you may just sit and enjoy!

We also make a fire in the hut and enjoy warm drinks while watching the sky. The appearance of the lights is not guaranteed but the chances are the best possible.

"The best time to see the northern lights is when the sky is clear of any clouds"
  • Duration: 1 hour or 3 hours 
  • Cost 1 hour: 30€ / person, min. 4 persons
  • Cost 3 hours_ 50€ / person, min. 4 persons
  • Including: Guide, snowmobile transfers, snacks and coffee/tea. Note: 1 hour trip not incl snacks.
  • On extra charge: Dinner, 25€ / person
  • Available: On request for min. 4 persons

Fact: The best place to view Northern Lights in Finland is the Kilpisjärvi region, far from light pollution. 
Search for the Northern Lights by 4WD Land Cruiser Jeep!

Coast of the Arctic Ocean

By jeep we can drive difficult roads as well

This Jeep tour is all about Northern lights hunting and you'll spend 3-5 hours finding the best location for Aurora viewing.

This Northern Lights hunt takes you out of village, far from the village lights to observe this fascinating natural phenomenon also known as Aurora Borealis. Given clear skies and a little bit of luck, sightings can occur from autumn through to spring.

We can't tell you beforehand where this tour takes you. Our guide will always check out the weather forecast, where will be the clear sky - maybe it will be in coast of Arctic Ocean, 50km north from Kilpisjärvi or Swedish village Karesuando 100km south from Kilpisjärvi.

The only sure thing is that you will drive away from the village to a location where is total darkness and the most important, we search clear sky without clouds, then you might be lucky to see the northern lights.

  • Duration: 3-5 hours
  • Cost: 50€ / person, minumum 4 persons
  • Including: Guide, transfers and coffee/tea
  • Available: On request for min. 4 persons

Cross country ski school

Couple from Singapore learn how to skiing.

This ski school is for beginners. 

Private lesson for max 2 persons. 
  • Duration: 1-2 hours
  • Cost: 50€ / person, max. 2 persons
  • Including: Guide, skies and hot juice