The Forgotten Grayling Lake!

Absolutely the best grayling spot where i have ever visited!

This lake and small river inhabits only large grayling and pike! August 2013 we caught over 60 (50cm-59cm) graylings in one day!!! All graylings were C&R! The largest grayling we have caught there is 2120grams. The average grayling size is between 50-59cm.
Forgotten lake is best of the best choice if you would like to caught record grayling on fly!

Camp by the lake!

  • Depertures: 26.6-15.9 On request for 1-6 persons
  • Duration: 7 days and 6 nights
  • Price 2 person: 2700€/person
  • Price 3 person: 1950€/person. Ask for price if you are a bigger group!
  • Price includes: 8 hours guided fishing per day, all transfers from/to Kittila Finland or Tromso Norway airport, helicopter transfers from/to Kilpisjärvi village, 2 night in a hotel or cottage with sauna, shower and toilet(first and last night), 4 nights in a comfortable large tent with tent heater(lavvu), sleeping bags, full board(5days) in the lake (breakfast, lunch and dinner. breakfast -self served), and all fishing licenses.
  • Additional services on extra charge. Eg. Additional day, fly fishing equipment, waders ...

Meals - Example day menu:

  • Breakfast - Coffee, bread, cheese, pacon, tomato, egg and yoghurt.
  • Lunch - Grilled fresh fish with carrot, potato, tomato, olive oil, sea salt and rosemary.
  • Dinner - Real Kota smoked reindeer meat with mashed potatoes, fried onions, pickle and lingonberry jam >> Dessert - cloudberries with valinja and coffee.
  • Snacks - Chocolate, energy bar, etc,....


You can arrive/we can pic you up in Kittilä airport (Finland), Kiruna airport (Sweden), Tromso airport (Norway) or Kolari train station (Finland).


-Depending on weather and for the safety and comfort matter of the others we reserve the right to change the plan and the duration of the activities and fishing trips if necessary.

-If our guest are noticed to be a potential harm or even danger to him/herself, animals or to others, or is in poor health we also reserve the right to discontinue the trip.

NOTE: The weather in the fell regions can get so bad that the helicopter or airplane can not keep up their operation anymore. This means that in the worst case scenario we might have to stay in the mountains for an extra night. Regarding that we will always have tents, lavvus, wilderness cabin, emergency nutrition and all nescessary emergency equipment with us which allow us to hold our position risklessly to the next possible pick up by the aircrafts.

Please note, that in case of very unlucky weather situations the aircrafts are not able to operate. Grayling Land does not take responsability for such circumstances.

When planing your holiday, make sure that you have a 1 day buffer between return from the mountains and departure from the airport!


  • 10.07. helicopter return from mountains
  • 10.07. - 11.07. overnight stay in hotel / cottage
  • 11.07. departure from airport


-Grayling Land is not responsible for extreme weather conditions, lost luggage, lost or damaged fishing tackle or illnesses of participants. Baggage and personal effects are the sole responsibility of the traveling client at all times. Grayling Land will not be responsible for, and will not issue refunds or credits for the following: early departure by customer's choice; fishing cancelled as a result of inclement weather.


-Grayling Land is not responsible for the insurances of participants. Everyone should take his/her own travel insurance well before trip starts. Travel insurance should cover all possible medical treatments, medicines and lost, delayed or damaged luggage and fishing equipment. Travel insurance should cover customers costs in case of cancellation.


-If you are a vegetarian, have a special diet or a serious disease; please inform us well in advance - preferably when you reserve the tour!

-Mobile phone coverage may not be available

  • Accommodation on the lake: Lavvu or tent
  • Accessible: By helicopter.

Our fish records in Forgotten lake

  • Grayling records is HUGE 2.12 kilograms, 1.93 kilograms, 1.90 kilograms etc, .... (average weight is huge 900-1300grammes!!).
  • Pike record is 8.8 kilograms (avarage weight is 4 kilograms).