About ice Fishing in Kilpisjärvi wilderness area!

Day trip by jeep with my dog ÄIJÄ :) Ice fishing for grayling 15th October. Ice was strong enaught, 7-8cm. Really good fishing!

Midday in Kilpisjärvi. Our guest caught huge arctic char on 2017 January. Midwinter is good time to catch some monster Chars!

We offer you an ice fishing package fishing for arctic char, grayling, whitefish and pike. Our ice fishing packages always include fishing equipment, safety equipment and a pleasant and highly knowledgeable fishing guide.

You can choose a packet below that you prefer the most. Or you can always ask an offer for custom made ice-fishing trip. All ice-fishing trips is carried out with every ones fysical condition in mind!

We searching icefishing spots by snowmobile, jeep or helicopter. Depending on the snow condition.

Ice fishing seasons

In Kilpisjärvi area, the smallest lakes freeze usually in second or third week of October and the bigger lakes end of November. The ice-fishing season lasts 6-7 months ending around third week of May. In June/end of June - there is still strong ice cover up in the mountain lakes but snow condition is not good for snowmobiling. But we can go ice fishing by helicopter!

October - November - Just after the lakes have got a thin ice cover arctic char, grayling and whitefish are usually active and fishing is very good. Weather may be -1℃ or -20℃.

Midwinter (POLAR NIGHT). The days are short and weather may be -5℃ or -40℃. The few "light" hours around noon are the best for ice-fishing in December - January. Excellent chances to catch really large arctic char if weather is good!

Middle of February the days are getting lighter and longer and pike, whitefish, grayling and arctic char is getting more and more active. Weather may be -5or -20℃. The best ice-fishing season has started.

Late season: March until end of May,... many fantastic ice-fishing trips have been made during the late season. The days are long (We have white nights from end of April to end of July), sun shines and the nature shows it´s best parts! Weather may be +15℃ or -10℃. The ice-fishing season ends usually in end of May, depending on the weather and snow situation.

Ice fishing and kids

Girl, age 10, has a memories when she went out on the lake for ice-fishing with her dad last winter, ...

" Dad drive a snowmobile and I was sitting on warm reindeer skin in the snowmobile sledge. Dad make a hole on the ice and set the Lure in the water. I remember a bit cold and wind on my face. Did the discomfort ruin the trip? Not a bit. I was with dad and I catched bigger fish than him, ... and that was a funny :) ".

Ice-fishing can be a memorable experience for everyone in the family.

It is really cool to see when big fish swimming in crystal clear water under the ice and attack your lure!

Ice fishing for arctic char in the middle of May. Weather can be really warm and you will get sun burn - we have sun light 24hours a day!