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Ice Fishing Trips in Finland, Sweden and Norway

We offer you an ice fishing package fishing for large trout, pike, perch, grayling, burbot, and arctic char. Our ice fishing packages always include fishing equipment, safety equipment, delicious meals and a pleasant and highly knowledgeable fishing guide.

Arriving at scenery can be made by snowmobiles or with an helicopter.

You can choose a packet below that you prefer the most. Or you can always ask an offer for custom made ice-fishing trip. All ice-fishing trips is carried out with everyones fysical condition in mind!

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Ice fishing seasons

In Lapland, the smallest lakes freeze usually in late October and the bigger lakes in November - December. The ice-fishing season lasts 5–6 months ending in May (In Tundra in June).

October - November - Just after the lakes have got a thin ice cover perch, and grayling are usually active and the catch can be very good. Especially if there aren´t much snow covering the ice yet. Excellent chances to see the NORTHERN LIGHTS!

Midwinter (POLAR NIGHT). The days are short and weather may be -5℃ or -40℃. The few "light" hours around noon are the best for ice-fishing in November - January. Excellent chances to see the NORTHERN LIGHTS!

Middle of February the days are getting lighter and longer and perch, pike, grayling, trout, and arctic char is getting more and more active. Weather may be +0℃ or -20℃. The best ice-fishing season has started.

Late season: March untill end of May,... many fantastic ice-fishing trips have been made during the late season. The days are long (MIDNIGHT SUN), sun shines and the nature shows it´s best parts! Weather may be +15℃ or -10℃. The ice-fishing season ends usually in end of May, depending on the weather and snow situation.

Ice fishing and kids

Adela, girl, age 10, has a memorie when she went out on the lake for ice-fishing with her dad last winter, ...

" Dad drive a snowmobile and I was sitting on warm reindeer skin in the snowmobile sledge. Dad chopped a hole on the ice and set the tip-ups. I remember a bit cold and wind on my face. Did the discomfort ruin the trip? Not a bit. I was with dad and I catched bigger fish than him, ... and that was a funny :) ".

Ice-fishing can be a memorable experience for everyone in the family.


***All packages can be adapted individually!***

***Don't forget to bring your camera!***


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