Kilpisjärvi, Finland

Welcome to Kilpisjärvi - be enchanted by the beauty of nature!

Home to the country's highest fells, untouched wilderness, glassy lakes and ponds, freely roaming reindeer herds, and landscapes which you would never have thought you could find in Finland. You can find them all in Kilpisjärvi, a village of under one hundred permanent residents, which attracts tourists throughout the year. This fabled and inspiring fell region, located near the Arctic Ocean where three countries meet, gives you possibilities to do and see things that you've never been able to before. Welcome to Finland's only mountain resort!

Where is Kilpisjärvi?

The village of Kilpisjärvi is located in the northwest extremity of Lapland in the municipality of Enontekiö. Kilpisjärvi is the municipality's northernmost village, and the last village before the Norwegian border. It is only a 50km (30-mile) drive to the Arctic Ocean, mostly downhill since the village is located about 500m (1,640 feet) above sea level. The village is bordered by Kilpisjärvi lake and the Saana fell, sacred to the Sami people.
How to get here

By plane

Flights to Enontekiö airport are available during the spring season.

There are flights to Kittilä throughout the year. Transfers from Kittilä to Kilpisjärvi are available by coach or by pre-booked taxi. Taxis must be pre-booked no later than 6pm the day before by calling ´+358 400 138 262 / Kilpisjärvi Taxi.

The airport transfer to Kittilä airport from Kilpisjärvi is on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 13.00. The plane departs at 18.00. The car will wait for the arriving plane before returning to Kilpisjärvi. A one-way trip costs 50€. There is an additional cost of 5€ if you bring your own skiing toboggan or sledge.

You can also conveniently reach Kilpisjärvi from Kiruna and Tromsø either by rental car or by pre-booked taxi. In summer, the Eskelisen Lapin-linja bus travels daily between Kilpisjärvi and Tromsø, and in spring on weekends. There is a local bus which travels every day (excluding Saturdays) from Tromsø to Skibotn, which is only 50km (30 miles) from Kilpisjärvi, and from there you can complete your journey with a pre-booked taxi. There are direct flights from Oulu to Tromsø five times a week, and there are daily flights between Helsinki and Oslo. For more information call 0400 138 262 / Kilpisjärvi Taxi.

By bus

There are buses every day from Rovaniemi to Kilpisjärvi. The bus departs Rovaniemi bus station at 08:00 and arrives at Kilpisjärvi Hiking Center at approximately 16:25. The bus from Kilpisjärvi to Rovaniemi leaves the Hiking Center at 13:15 and arrives at Rovaniemi bus station at 20:50.

There is a direct bus operated by Eskelisen Lapin-linjat from Kolari train station to Kilpisjärvi in summer and autumn on Saturdays, but only on the days when there are trains operating at the station.

More information: Matkahuolto (bus and parcel services) and Eskelisen Lapin-linjat

By train

The nearest train stations are in Kolari and in Rovaniemi. Car-carrier trains operate at both stations.

More information: VR

By car

Kilpisjärvi is located at the northern end of Highway 21 (E8). The road passes through the Tornio river valley which you can admire on the journey.

Graylingland guides can also pic you up from the airport. 

Distances from Kilpisjärvi

  • To Hetta 176km (109 miles)
  • To Kittilä 280km (174 miles)
  • To Kolari 277km (172 miles)
  • To Oulu 593km (369 miles) 
  • To Rovaniemi 429km (267 miles) 
  • To Tornio 462km (287 miles) 
  • To Skibotn 50km (30 miles) 
  • To Tromsø 165km (103 miles) 
  • To Nordkapp (North Cape) 550km (342 miles)