Grayling Land

Kilpisjärvi, 99490 FINLAND.

Aki Huhtanen
+358 45 2665222

Emilia Laitinen
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Mikäli ette saa puhelimelle meihin yhteyttä niin olemme silloin kuuluvuusalueen ulkopuolella tunturissa, joten ole hyvä ja laita sähköpostia.

If our phones are out of order, we are at mountains without phone coverage.

Grayling Land - Wilderness Fly Fishing & Winter Adventures

We provide tailored Fly Fishing trips and Northern Lights adventures for small groups. Our company operate in Finnish Lapland and Norwegian Lapland. Kilpisjärvi is our main position. 

Lavvu-tents gives us a great opportunity to camp by the best flyfishing waters. Heater, sleeping bags, mattress and outdoor cooking equipment included.

It is a challenge to catch large white fish with a dry fly when they are selectively feeding on tiny flies!

The grayling of these secret lakes and streams reach a size that not many places on the world can deliver!

We can take you into the wild all year round! In Summer our main products are fly fishing adventures, jeep and four wheeler transportations for fishermen and river rafting in wild rivers of North. In Winter we do wilderness ice fishing trips, snowshoeing, nothern lights adventures and snowmobiling. We also arrange accommodation from luxury cabins with all facilities to exciting Northern Lights huts!
Special: We can take you flyfishing for seatrout at Arctic Ocean almost around the year - High seasons are August to September and May to June.

Ice fishing for Grayling!

We also make a fire in the hut and enjoy warm beverages and barbeque snacks while watching the sky.

We have also ice fishing huts and sauna on the lake ice! It is really awesome experience to spend couple days in middle of arctic tundra! Here you have also best possibilities to see wild reindeers and amazing Northern Lights!

Seatrout high seasons is from August to October and from April to June

Grayling Land-team wishes you very welcome to Lapland!

We arrange programmes suitable just for you, Just let us know your needs and we will take care of the rest!

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NEW! The Magic Grayling Land! 
A mini e-mag about Graylingland and the amazing fly fishing for huge graylings in Northern Lapland. Here is the link to mini e-mag about Graylingland

NOTE: If our phones are out of order, we are at mountains without phone coverage. We will answer emails or sms as soon as we can!

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