Packing Checklist For Fly Fisherman



- Be prepared for rough weather!
The weather in the mountain area can quickly change.
Sunny and warm weather(even +30C) can be followed by very low temperatures close to the freezing point at night or at the next day; the right equipment and clothing is a must when you plan a trip in to the fells!

We recommend using a 4 layer strategy when clothing:

Wool/merino wool socks or wading socks
1st layer: - skin tight layer of functional outdoor underwear that transports the moisture away from your body
2nd layer: - long sleeve functional outdoor wear.
3rd layer: - warm fleece or woolen sweater. Polartec or woolcraft are two really good solutions.
4th layer: - waterproof shell jacket, or your wading jacket. Warm hat and gloves.  => This layer based strategy allows you to adapt to the weather conditions.

Packing/other thinks:

# Large rucksack (luggage) – we prefer packing all thinks in one, two or three soft rucksack. Soft rucksack is easy to put in the helicopter. Hard suitcase is not good at all!!!

# Backpack -We prefer waterproof – for your daily thinks during the fishing day.

# Mobile Phone (emergency 112) (save battery if you are in tundra). Travel battery Charger for camera and mobile phone.

# Polarized sunglasses

# Water proof/ hiking/outdoor shoes

# Wading shoes – we prefer wading shoes without nails, because we use rubber boats.

# Waders with repair kit.

# Camp towel, personal toiletries, sun cream.

# Camera/memory cards/chargers/film

# Any medication that you are taking.  Always plan for a couple extra days.

# Knife/ Multifunction Tool

# Matches

# Mosquito Repellent

# Alcohol beverages. You can buy beer (4.8%) from shop in Kilpisjärvi or we can pick up beer for you – On extra charge. Nearest alcohol shop located 200km south from Kilpisjärvi. So, you should bring own wisky, vodka etc.

Fishing gear (fishing rods and reels, flies, pliers, snips, etc.)

#Flies – You will find flies from Graylingland homepages / in this link:

The fishing can be very versatile.

Everything from fine dry fly fishing to heavy streamer fishing, depending on the situation are powerful techniques to lure up the selectively feeding fish. As the amount of gear has to be held minimalistic due to the helicotper transport we recomend you bring:

Rods: #4-5  rod for dry fly fishing and light nymph fishing, #6-7 rod for heavier nymph fishing and streamer fishing

Fly Lines: We use floating lines. Fly Lines we prefer: Rio Trout LT, Rio Gold, Rio Dart, Vision Vibe 65 and other Vision Lines. Ask more from your guide.

Leaders: We recommend these leaders:

Dry fly fishing and nymph fishing: Vision 4X - 3X ready leader.

Streamer fly fishing for trout: Vision 0X - 2X ready leader

Fly fishing for pike: Vision Pike leader.

For pike: Vision wireline - This soft, plastic coated wire is designed for pike, barracuda and other type of toothy “friends”. It can be easily looped with a melted loop or tied with a normal clinch knot. The 6 meters spool is enough for several leaders. There are three different breaking strengths; 15, 20 and 35lb.

About packing: You should take max. 20 kilos luggage per person in the helicopter. 15kg/per person is better and remember that your guide have all camping equipment, food etc.

Thinks you don't need during the fishing trip can be leave safety place in Kilpisjärvi village.

Please let us know in advance if you need any of the above listed gear and would like us to provide it for your trip.

Your guide will bring:

# First aid kit

# Matches

# Knife

# Toilet paper

# Wilderness food – We always plan for a couple extra days

On every single trip we provide you with quality food made from fresh local ingredients like, reindeer, moose and fresh caught fish such as Grayling, Trout or Arctic Char. All of our guides are nature and wilderness / fishing guides and enjoy preparing good food for you and your.

NOTE: Usually our clients like to prepare meals with guide. But if you like to have all meals ready made, then we have to take two guides on the trip – because there is much work for preparing food, washing dishes plates, etc. and most important, guide have to have a time for guiding!

# Outdoor plates, forks, knives, cups.

# Outdoor cooking equipment -gas for cooking equipment

# All fishing licenses

# Mosquito Repellent

# Tent or Lavvu – tent heater and gas

# Sleeping bag (-20C - +20C)

# Sleeping mats (-20C - +20C)

Accommodation in tundra:

We will set up a tent camp.

We have a big teepee tent with us in which we will have our mutual equipment and which the guides will live.

In bad weather the tent also gives us shelter to prepare the food.

You will sleep in other teepee tent or smaller tents.

To ensure a comfortable night rest you will be given sleeping pads and warm sleeping bags.

# Inflatable boat or inflatable canoes for reach some special spots.

# Map/fishing-map and GPS.

# Some firewood for start campfire (there is not always many firewood in the tundra).

# Wading shoes - if you don`t have shoes without nails?

# Waders – On extra charge.

# Fly Fishing gear (fishing rods and reels, flies, pliers, snips, etc.) – On extra charge.

Please let us know in advance if you need any of the above listed gear and would like us to provide it for your trip.

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